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Marvin’s eyes lit up when I invited him to spend a week at my oceanside vacation home. The first-string running back on my football team had always said that he wanted to see the ocean and spend time there. I told him that it will be just him, me, and my defensive coach Marty (who I had been dicking around with behind our wives backs). I also told him that the vacation house was on a stretch of beach where clothing was optional. His eyes lit up even more.

The moment we arrived, Marvin couldn’t wait to get onto the beach. He first looked at all that expansive view of the water. Only after he had his fill of the view did he finally looked around him to see people on the beach mostly fully nude. With a smile on his face, he stripped all of his clothes, and walked back to the house naked. Marty and I looked at each other and smiled.

While we had seen Marvin, and the rest of the team, naked in the locker room, this was the first time we got to see his naked body up close. He was even more impressive than we thought. Tight, muscular body, made for strength and speed. But the most impressive part of his anatomy was his round, bubble butt. One couldn’t help looking at it. Even when clothed in jeans, you just knew that this was one impressive looking derriere. When completely stripped of all layers of clothing, the butt looked like it was made to be grabbed and stroked, to be licked and eaten, and to drilled hard and deep.

That, we did. Throughout the entire week, Marty and I took turns pounding that hole, slamming our hips against that oh-so-supple butt, and dumping out loads deep inside that perfect body. Marvin kept up with us with each hard fuck. And it became a routine that after Marty and I filled his butt with our spunk, Marvin would simply grabbed a piece of cloth, and walked out to the beach to take a dip in the ocean. Inevitably, dozens of appreciating eyes from those on the beach would follow him, and would gaze upon the undulating ass as he walked towards the water, not realizing that that butt they were looking at was full of two loads of cum.

I may invite him back next summer.

(Source: getitmoist)

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